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Showing you the way
‘Showing you the way’


Power BI Dashboards

Brexit scenario analyse, impact van vertraging in transittijd 

Seosonality over 3 jaren

Verkoop analyse

Location Intelligence voorbeelden

Zipcode based overview of shipped weight.

Distance to nearest postcode from existing warehouses. 

Distance to nearest postcode from pudo locations, showing coverage.

Restructuring of pallet delivery network central hub locations 

Innight delivery network, pudo locations, delivery before 08:00 hrs.

Netwerk infrastructuur met afstand tot postcode-gebieden.

Supply Chain Analysis, Center of Gravity, 2 clusters and catch areas.

Heat map with cluster boundaries and cluster COG's.

Driving time zones & clusters

Cluster analysis, max. radius 150 km, minimum distance between weighted COG's 100 km.

Radius circles & driving time zones

France, cluster analysis with current and suggested Forward Stock Locations (weighted cog's)

UK with delivery address information